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What exactly is a sponge bullet and a sponge bullet talking

Common people say that the sponge bullets and sponge projectile generally refers to the hydraulic pipeline cleaning supplies. Of course, these are industrial technicians talk, our ordinary small people are also difficult to access to these words.

This is not near future zhengzhou xu li electromechanical equipment co., LTD., invited a number of professional hydraulic pipeline cleaning experts to open a lecture. Popularize the knowledge of industrial hydraulic pipeline cleaning, so that we laymen began to have the opportunity to contact these professional vocabulary.

In the hydraulic pipeline cleaning sponge bullet is used in conjunction with the hydraulic pipeline cleaning host consumables, their perfect combination thoroughly beat the tradition of chemical cleaning. Not only make the use of customers to reduce the secondary pollution caused by cleaning, but also reduce the loss of a lot of manpower and material resources.

Sponge projectile this name is the image of the word, a very vivid description of the hydraulic pipeline cleaning supplies form and role. There are many names for consumables, and most of them can refer to the same item.

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