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What does the harm that hydraulic pressure conduit is not cl

If the long working hydraulic piping system is not cleaned and maintained regularly. Wear down slowly for a long time, deviated from predetermined rationality orbit slowly not only. It also affects the whole hydraulic system. It has a direct relationship with the service life of the hydraulic system.
But in the daily work use process, the hydraulic piping system overall harm the biggest source, is not the loss of component life, let the hydraulic piping system is devoid of real disaster, is the hydraulic system internal pollution caused by the failure of the whole system.
1) pollution and wear of components
Various pollutants in the oil cause various forms of wear on the components, and solid particles enter the clearance of the moving pair, causing cutting wear or fatigue wear on the surface of the parts. The impact of solid particles in the high speed liquid flow on the surface of components causes erosion wear. The water in the oil and the products of the oxidation and metamorphism of the oil have a corrosive effect on the element. In addition, the air in the system's oil causes cavitation, leading to component surface erosion and damage.
2) component blockage and clamping failure
Solid particles block the clearance and orifice of the hydraulic valve, cause the block and clamping of the valve core, affect the working performance and even lead to serious accidents.
3) accelerate the deterioration of oil performance
The heat energy of water and air in oil is the main condition for oil oxidation, and the metal particles in oil play an important catalytic role in oil oxidation. In addition, the water and suspension bubbles in oil significantly reduce the strength of the oil film between the moving pair and reduce the lubrication performance.
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