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Plastic fiber composite filter paper material

Plastic fiber composite filter paper material

Scope of application:

Hydraulic filtration, water filtration, nuclear power plant water filtration, air compressor compressed air filtration of hydraulic transmission servo system of ship and heavy machinery are widely used.

Rubber fiber composite filtration material:

A new type of filter material which is made of polypropylene resin by spraying and melting nonwoven fabric. USES the ultrasonic composite technology and plastic fiber composite technology, composite materials with different performance, increase the filtering material physical properties and chemical properties of the fiber material into a three-dimensional network structure, reducing the filtration resistance, increase the amount of dust, has the characteristics of high efficiency, low resistance, this product can undertake liquid filtration, pollution treatment and water purification ideal material.

Product features:

High tensile strength
Same precision, low resistance
Long service life and large dust capacity
It has good oil immersion, heat preservation and hydrophobicity
Acid and alkali corrosion resistance, stable performance

Technical specifications of rubber fiber composite filtration material:

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