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The company mission

For the larger enterprises to better win - win
We always insist on improving product quality and service through technological innovation, and make our contribution to major enterprises, improve production quality, and promote enterprise efficiency more efficient, easier and more professional.
We strive to practice the belief of "creating value for customers, opportunities for employees, profits for shareholders and wealth for society", and make unremitting efforts and unremitting efforts to create harmonious living space and realize the great ideal.

The beautiful vision

We are committed to becoming a leader in hydraulic, machinery, equipment and other industries, ranking among the top three in the comprehensive strength of related industries in China, and making "xuli electromechanical" a world-renowned brand.
We will constantly improve our level, look to the world, take the concept of global operation as the guide, target international leading enterprises, and continue to innovate, deepen reform, cultivate talents, and create a value chain of enterprises with global advantages.

Core values

People-oriented: everyone is a talent; Respect competence and offer opportunities; Matching returns with contributions; Lifelong learning, continuous improvement.
Rational pursuit: rather slow step two step, not wrong step half step; Pursuing sustainable development; Solve problems in development.
Reform and innovation: brave in self-denial and self-motivation; Keep trying and keep improving. The pursuit of excellence, not ordinary.
Cooperation and sharing: mutual trust and active responsibility; Communication and cooperation; Value is valued and benefits are Shared.

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