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From 2018 to 2021, the company put forward the development goal of "striving to be the first in the world", constantly innovated in management, introduced efficient management methods, promoted excellent performance management mode, increased efforts to expand the international market, and developed to international enterprises. In 2017, the company has initially stabilized its customer group at the beginning of its establishment and achieved the goal of industry stability, becoming a dark horse entering the engineering machinery industry of the shipping industry. "Xuli mechanical and electrical" leading industry service first time has come!

The research and development team "united and forge ahead, pursue first" is the constant pursuit of the research and development team. We are willing to continue to shine for the society in the Marine engineering machinery industry, pay attention to the modern market demand, and launch the "applicable" products in an epoch-making way. Meanwhile, we will develop the pipeline technology related services, and help customer enterprises to use their own products for greater benefits, and develop the highest production value!

Sales team: while developing our own sales team, we always keep a leader, two elites, three middle class, two training and one mobile. The sales model, more ironclad determination in the daily management process will also be more smooth. Team cohesion and stability will also be enhanced. More importantly, as long as the marketing method is appropriate, the amount of performance is not a problem. Make the company management more scientific.

Service team: determine the model and specification of the equipment in the service according to the actual requirements of the customer, or design and customize different technical solutions according to the special requirements of the customer, and provide the design process for the customer, and truly design a satisfactory and reasonable technical solution for the customer. In addition, we can train relevant technical personnel for customers to master certain technical knowledge and service equipment maintenance skills.


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