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Happy Mid-Autumn festival to you all

Welcome the arrival of September, hydraulic pipeline cleaning industry also ushered in the peak of cleaning. In the Mid-Autumn festival is coming, we zhengzhou xu li mechanical and electrical equipment staff, and began a new round of customer service visit work.

For the trip out of the hydraulic pipeline cleaning technical personnel, the interests of the customer is greater than everything, in many hydraulic pipeline cleaning technical personnel sacrifice year after year, and family reunion time for hydraulic pipeline cleaning technical services. In order for customers to catch up with the production of the second half of the task and efforts.

Zhengzhou xuli mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD., here wishes all the hydraulic pipeline staff, happy Mid-Autumn festival! Also to the national staff said, we work hard, after work remember to give their families a phone call, said to them sound happy Mid-Autumn festival!
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