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Synthetic fiber filter cotton

Synthetic fiber filter cotton

Scope of application:

Hydraulic filtration, water filtration, nuclear power plant water filtration, air compressor compressed air filtration of hydraulic transmission servo system of ship and heavy machinery are widely used.

Product features:

The product is non-toxic, tasteless and completely disposable
The filter material density increases step by step,
Low resistance, high precision,
Good flame retardancy

Product material:

Using (polyester fiber polyester fibre) as the main raw materials, abbreviated hereinafter referred to as: PET, polyester fiber is made of polyethylene terephthalate, also called synthetic fiber or polyester.

Product features:

Synthetic fiber filter cotton is selected from different specifications of synthetic fiber, made by different processes such as needling, adhesive adhesion, hot adhesion, finishing and compounding, etc. This product selects non-breakable fiber of different thickness and imported dust removal to fill with different layers, forming a stepped filtration effect. This product can be used for liquid filtration, oil treatment and water purification.

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