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1. One goal: to move users

2. Two concepts: take away users' worries and leave our care

3. Three full requirements:
Round-the-clock - 24-hour hotline consultation, 24-hour repair urgent, 48 hours of maintenance in place, 365 days of service.
All-around -- provide pre-sales consulting and inspection of products, and after-sales inspection, repair and maintenance services;
Full professional - expert service team, professional service tools, 100% professional service, ensure service quality.

4. Four omissions:
A computer file that records user information.
A problem that is reported by the user and reported back to the relevant department;
A problem that can be solved by the user until the user is satisfied;
An issue that does not leak back and review user feedback is not regularly tracked.

5. Five are not allowed:
Do not complain about the customer, do not neglect the customer, do not delay the customer, do not blame the customer, do not comment on the customer

6. Six categories are free:
Free design -- free door-to-door design according to engineering features and user requirements;
Free delivery - after the user orders the product, the delivery is made according to the time specified by the user.
Free installation -- free door-to-door installation by professionals and teaching users how to use;
Free maintenance -- regular inspection and maintenance to users;
Free consultation - the free service hotline provides 24-hour consultation service to users.
Free service -- within the warranty period, belongs to product quality problem, implement free service.

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